Many parents grapple with the "Is Santa real?" question from their children when they reached that certain age.  Rather than seeing kids upset that Santa was nothing more than a big hoax they've been told, author Kelly Ford decided to change the narrative about Santa. 
The truth is, while there are many legends about St. Nick, he was an actual person who lived long ago.  Much like many believe that when their loved ones pass away, they live on in spirit, whether in heaven or "the other side", the point is our loved ones never really die.  Since Santa Claus (St. Nick) was an actual person, he too lives on in spirit, working his magic during the Christmas season in many ways.  
Although she kept the book secular & specific to Santa, for parents who seek to also connect Santa to Jesus Christ, the history is there. The reason that St. Nick coincides with what Christians have determined to be the birth of Jesus Christ is because St. Nick's parents raised him to emulate the teachings & generous heart of Jesus.  Where there's Santa, there's the heart of Jesus Christ, too, no matter how religious or non-religious one might be. 

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